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. [ laughter ] we need guns to protect us on a government on the verge of fascism and impotence. hasn't gone either way, but it could. no one has suggested disarming the pocket. that's the point. we're talking about restricting certain military style weapons as we do with tanks, businesses and i don't know napalm. what is wrong with that? >> i'm holding in a hand a pistol grip. under this proposed legislation if this piece of plastic, this pistol grip were attached to this rifle, it would suddenly become a banned assault weapon. >> jon: actually it's suppose tbed a picture of an assault weapon which even under obama's rein would still be legal. fair point there are arbitrary aspects and silly aspects to the legislation that perhaps a young faced fresh legislator clearly eager to shape legislation could shape. maybe don't make it about the grip but fire rate magazine size. >> we hear that nobody needs larger magazines that thoses that use to shoot deers but an attacking criminal unlike a deer shoots back. >> jon: unlike a deer, someone hasn't seen bambo. lyme is the disease, bambo is the cure
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1